2022 Footy Stars Jumbo Case

2022 Footy Stars Jumbo Case

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This case must be ordered by itself with NO other items. Please do not order anything else with this product. For shipping, you are able to choose from Express Post (1-5 days), and Australia Post (slowest). 


This product is a sealed 2022 Footy Stars Jumbo Case of 8 boxes, each containing 18 packs of 18 cards.

2022 Footy Stars cards are 35pt thickness, and suitable Card Armour can be ordered separately here.

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2022 Footy Stars Jumbo Release Information 

Product Description:

  • Sealed case of 2022 Footy Stars Jumbo
  • Each case contains 8 boxes
  • Each box contains 18 packs
  • Each pack contains 18 cards