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Online HERE, or selected Hobby Shops, AFL Stores, and check out the STOCKISTS LIST. Please note as of April 1st, over 70% of retailers have already completely sold out.
The Footy Stars 2021, BANG! BC26 J. DAICOS: This BANG! card has a spelling error of the player's name on the front of the card (DIACOS instead of DAICOS). This card has now been reprinted, and is now eligible for replacement (swap of the number of the card you have). Please send your card, by registered mail to SELECT AUSTRALIA BANG REPLACEMENT, PO BOX 82, TERREY HILLS, NSW, 2084. Please include a CLEAR note in the envelope with your name, and the email address used on your Select Australia web site account. We will mail the replacement card of the same number to the address stored in your account, and the original card will be destroyed. Please make sure your shipping address is current in your account. We will not take responsibility for incorrect information. It is NOT possible to have both the error card and the new replacement card.
Now! Please follow instructions on back of the redemption card.
While we make every effort to ensure the ratio mix of finding an insert card is the same as those stated, it is impossible to guarantee insert cards to the box level. Odds of insertion are reflective of the entire production run and do not guarantee number of insert cards per pack, box or case.
Select will not replace any damaged cards.
We will make every endeavour to honour redemption cards from previous years as long as we have it in inventory. Please telephone or email to enquire.
The following cards are not able to be redeemed:
1. Any signatures from 2002 SPX.
2. Glenn Archer - 1997
3. 1999 Premiership Predictor
4. 2001 Premiership Predictor
5. 2001 Craig Bradley Captain Signature
6. 2002 Silver and Gold Predictor
7. 1996 Hyfibre Heroes redemptions
8. 2001 Shane Crawford Captain Signature
10. 2005 AFL Tradition – Master Redemption.
11. 2001 Predictor
12. 2001 Captain Signature David Neitz
13. 2012 Champions Redemption Red Set (as Goodes card is n/a)
14. 2012 Champions Redemption Blue Set (Goodes Card)
We do not sell individual cards to collectors. You may obtain individual cards through various dealers and websites.
Send your redemption in a registered/tracked envelope and enclose a return self-addressed registered envelope. SELECT AUSTRALIA, PO BOX 82, TERREY HILLS, NSW, 2084. Please allow 21 days for the redemption of the redemption card(s).
We currently offer applications for physical hobby stores only. To enquire, contact our customer service department.
We do not accept returns, unless there is an issue with the product condition in shipment. If the product you receive is damaged, please lodge a ticket via the HELP form within 5 days of receipt, and attach photos. Please do not open damaged items. We will then advise you the process to return/refund. Product where boxes or packets have been opened, damaged or searched will no longer be in original condition and we cannot accept or process your return.
Please submit a ticket in our HELP section with full details for consideration. Please note we cannot be responsible for packages lost en route to our company. Please understand that we cannot accept COD's or packages marked "Bill Recipient" and please keep the receipt or tracking number of your returned package in the event it is delayed or lost in transit. Please note we do not refund cost of shipping as this is a third party service unless the product has a manufacturer's fault and or if we send you the wrong item in error, we will of course pay the shipping costs.
We cannot accept returns without an invoice or copy of an invoice.
Please contact us via HELP section so that we can organize an exchange.
Returns are usually processed within 1-5 business days after they arrive at our location.
You will be contacted, and you need to purchase this for us in order to split your redemption mailings: https://selectaustralia.com.au/products/missing-additional-redemption-shipment