SavedBy Package Protection

From June, Select offers optional Package Protection using SavedBy, which gives quick and easy resolution for lost/stolen/damaged packages without needing to involve the carrier and lengthy investigations. This product is provided by and resolutions (refund or replacement) can happen in minutes for claims. 


What is SavedBy Package Protection?

  • SavedBy Package Protection is an optional add-on that can cover the cost of lost, damaged or stolen packages with a quick claim process. This product is added to cart in some checkout methods with an easy opt out, and in other check-out flows with an easy opt in.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • SavedBy varies depending on the price of your order. It will automatically calculate in the final checkout and show the cost in the cart when added. 

Do I need SavedBy?

  • SavedBy provides quick and easy compensation for lost, stolen or damaged packages. SavedBy can help where Select cannot (most carriers) or the carrier will not. 

How do I use my SavedBy Protection?

  • If you have issues with your order where SavedBy Protection was purchased, reach out to SavedBy directly here: Please review their policies to make sure that your package can be covered here: An approved claim results in a replacement where possible, else a refund will be issued on your order. If SavedBy is offered on your order and you purchase it - the entire value of your order is covered. Normal caps do not apply. 

How long do I have to wait until I can get a resolution?

  • SavedBy can help within 1 business day! (USA). Sometimes it may take more, but in most cases they are very quick to resolve any issues that arise.

How can I contact SavedBy?

  • If you have any questions for their team, or have filed a claim, they will email you directly with any questions, updates, and resolutions. Their email address is: for general questions, and for issues with packages.

Can I cancel/refund my SavedBy Package Protection?

  • If you no longer want the Package Protection and your order hasn’t already been processed, then you may be able to cancel the cover by contacting SavedBy promptly. Their email address is: For fast turnaround please forward your Select order confirmation along with details of your query before your order is processed. They have access to refund at their discretion. 


Is Select affiliated with SavedBy Package Protection?

  • Select offers the SavedBy Package Protection to our customers on SavedBy’s behalf, and remits GST on their behalf. Select has the ability to file a claim for you but turnaround will be faster for any claims to be direct with them. 

Successful claim rate as at 15th July 2024: 100%