5 Pack of Card Armour Card Safe 100pt Magnetic Card Holders

5 Pack of Card Armour Card Safe 100pt Magnetic Card Holders

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Card Safe's, part of our Card Armour range, are secure magnetic one touch card holders designed for long term safe storage and display for your premium cards. This version can hold standard cards up to 100pt in thickness.

  • Ultra clear
  • UV Protection
  • Diamond corners
  • Holds standard size cards  up to 100pt in thickness
  • Acid free

This is for a pack of 5 Card-Safes. 

Customer Reviews

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Leaders In Australian Sports Cards

I have collected Select Australian Sports Card Releases from their first release. Select have always produced outstanding products but the last 4 or 5 years they have released cards that are equal to those produced anywhere in the world, keeping up with new technology in the design and production of their products. The special skills are not just saved for their top end product but throughout the entire range of products, like the Footy Stars release of recent times one considered the budget or base product of the AFL season but now it’s a classy product that has all collectors interested from the kids right through to the most serious, diehard collectors. With a major revamp in 2024 which saw the introduction of the Luminous cards it had collectors going crazy to complete a set of the Luminous base cards, 90 in total. And add some very serious chase cards to scramble for, Luminous Myriad, Ignite, Superstars, Luminous Thunderbolts and more. All quality cards to the highest standards and the collectors went absolutely mad for them because they catered for everyone, those you loved their Predictors with Brownlow, Coleman, Premiership and Rising Star catered for here. I really liked the Footy Faces, if you take the time to look at the sub set, the expressions on some of the players faces are quite amusing and the kids loves these. There’s Future Force that catches us up with all the rookie players since the Future Force releases finished. Footy Stars were released in Retail and Hobby formats with Hobby being a very limited release with this it made the chase cards limited in low numbers compared to the retail chase cards. The hobby series sold out quickly with chase cards in high demand on secondary markets like eBay. Club Royalty and Milestones Games were part of the hobby series.
All this has made 2024 AFL Card collecting a lot of fun for all. Congratulations to SELECT AUSTRALIA on their incredible release, a job very well done. I say, please know you are appreciated.

Thank you so much for the positive note. It's not often we hear about the great things :).


Thank you for a great order got a bit impatient. Didn’t look at my tracking numbers didn’t know there was two packages. You guys were great about it. My apologies again thank you for a great product. I’ll be ordering more soon


A decent product but it does open a little too easily for my liking.


Brilliant fast postage great to deal with