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2020 Richmond Premiers Set

2020 Richmond Premiers Set

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The Richmond Tigers Limited Edition Boxed set is a 25 card set commemorating the 2020 Grand Final winners!

The Limited Edition Boxed Set will go on PRE-ORDER from 10.30am Wednesday Oct 28th, AEDT. Shipping is anticipated mid December. 

Please read CAREFULLY:

  • Since this is a Pre-Order, do NOT order anything else with this product. If you order another item with this product, the order WILL BE cancelled and restocked.
  • This product is anticipated to ship mid-December.
  • Adding this (or any) item to your cart does NOT reserve the item. This is to prevent people locking up stock in their carts. The item is only secured on successful payment and confirmation email.
  • Box design is subject to change. 
  • Sets are limited, and when sold out, will show sold out.