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2006 AFL "Champions of the Brownlow" Card Set

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From the Select Vault, we bring you 250 of the limited edition sets of the 2006 “Champions of the Brownlow”. This set was made for the guests at the 2006 Brownlow, and features a card of every Brownlow Medal Winner between 1986 and 2005 (one for each year). The cards are sketch design by Col Bodie and the set is made up of 25 player cards, a checklist, and an Aurion V6 card. The set comes in a plastic case.


1 Checklist
2 Ben Cousins
3 Chris Judd
4 Nathan Buckley
5 Adam Goodes
6 Mark Ricciuto
7 Simon Black
8 Jason Akermanis
9 Shane Woewodin
10 Shane Crawford
11 Robert Harvey
12 Robert Harvey
13 Michael Voss
14 James Hird
15 Paul Kelly
16 Greg Williams
17 Gavin Wanganeen
18 Scott Wynd
19 Jim Stynes
20 Tony Liberatore
21 Paul Couch
22 Gerad Healy
23 Tony Lockett
24 John Platten
25 Greg Williams
26 Robert DiPierdomenico
27 Aurion V6 Card