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2021 Footy Stars Prestige

2021 Footy Stars Prestige marks the second major release by Select for 2021.  It is also the second release of the Footy Stars - Prestige product.

As with Prestige 2020, Footy Stars - Prestige 2021 includes limited edition numbered inserts of some of the inserts from the the 2021 Footy Stars release.

2021 Prestige includes new inserts set, Clearance Kings and the renamed Brownlow Leaders. 

Back by popular demand is the Parallel series which is extended in 2021.  New parallels featuring 163 cards includes an Orange parallel series individually numbered to 210 and a Blue parallel series individually numbered to 125. The Green parallel series returns and each card is individually numbered to 60.

2021 Prestige also sees the return of the Platinum Brownlow Predictors with each card individually numbered and limited to 60 of each.  The Marquee series featured in 2021 Footy Stars returns with whole new 18 different players and with each card individually numbered and limited to only 40.

Only 700 cases / 8,400 boxes has been produced and is officially released on 10 May 2021.



Cards No. of Cards Ratio Numbered
Common Cards 163 Unnumbered
Game Breakers 90 1:3 Unnumbered
Orange Parallel 163 1:6 210
Blue Parallel 163 1:10 125
Green Parallel 163 1:21 60
Clearance Kings 72 1:24 120
Brownlow Leaders 54 1:48 80
Brownlow Predictors (Platinum) 36 1:96 60
Marquee 18 1:288 40