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Select Collector Club 

UPDATE Friday 16th April: See https://selectaustralia.com.au/products/scc-membership     As part of ensuring Select collectors are able to secure Select major release...

Club Logo Albums

Our brand new Official AFL Club Logo Albums, are available to pre-order now for only $29.95 each, and will ship early May....

Footy Stars 2021 Reveals

Select's AFL Footy Stars 2021 is coming soon! Follow us on facebook, or see the history of the reveals here as...

Select's Card Armour Range

CARD ARMOUR – CARD ACCESSORIES (click here for full range) Select has developed an exclusive range of Card Armour card...

2020 AFL Dominance

 2020 AFL Dominance official release date announced.

Select Checklist Apps

The Select Collector Cards app is now available for download for free from the Apple App Store and from Google Play. 

Use the app to manage your collection of your favourite series, or collect cards based on your favourite teams. Easily assess what cards you are missing from your collection, and keep track of your doubles.