2024 AFL Footy Stars Hobby Box

2024 AFL Footy Stars Hobby Box

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Footy Stars which traditionally is a product for collectors of all ages has a limited Hobby release in 2024. Limited to only 8400 boxes of 18 Hobby packs per Hobby box this release is for the more seasoned collector.

The Footy Stars Hobby release features a number of the insert sets which also appear in the Footy Stars Retail release.  

Introduced in Footy Stars 2024 is the Luminous insert series with at least one Luminous insert card appearing in each hobby packet. 

Along with the the Luminous Base series (180) there are the numbered Luminous - Thunderbolt (396), Luminous - Thunderbolt Refractor (180), Luminous - Superstars (72), Luminous - Myriad (36) and Luminous - Myriad Signatures (18) series. These Luminous cards are printed on a limited PET silver non-scratch 55 point board with each Luminous card having a protective clear film which you may choose to remove.

An insert set exclusive to the Hobby release is the Club Royalty (90) insert set which feature the players who finished in the top 5 at each club's Best and Fairest for 2023. Each Club Royalty card is individually numbered to 99 and the Brownlow, Premiership, Coleman and Rising Star Platinum Predictors all return and are individually numbered to 60 only.  

Additional numbered inserts featured in Footy Stars Hobby included Milestones - Metallic (108), Future Force - Green (90), Ignite - Gold (72), Absolute Black (18), Absolute Black Signature (18).

Also included in Footy Stars 2024 Hobby is the Instant Win card.

Other than the Luminous base, all inserts cards within Footy Stars Hobby are individually numbered.  

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 Product Description:

  • Box of 2024 AFL Footy Stars Hobby
  • Each box contains 18 packs, with 18 cards per pack. 
  • Each pack contains 2 Luminous Cards (55pt thickness)


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