2021 Melbourne Platinum Premiers Set

2021 Melbourne Platinum Premiers Set

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The Melbourne Demons Platinum Limited Edition Premiers boxed set is a 25 card set commemorating the 2021 Grand Final winners! Only 100 will be produced.

The sets are individually numbered to 100, with the matching #/100 on each card, AND include a SIGNATURE card of a player from the premiership team in each set! (the player is TBA at a later time)


Please read CAREFULLY:

  • Maximum of ONE Platinum Set per person/address/account.
  • Multiple orders from the same household/account/name/address/payment method etc, or from "related" accounts will be cancelled. We wish to make the product available to as many collectors as possible. Cancellations are at the sole discretion of Select. Cancelled orders are automatically restocked online. 
  • Since this is pre-order, please do NOT order ANY other item with this product. If you order another item with this product, the order will be cancelled. 
  • Adding this (or any) item to your cart does NOT reserve the item. This is to prevent people locking up stock in their carts. Purchase of the product is only finalised on successful payment and confirmation email.
  • The numbered sets are allocated randomly at time of packing and shipping, and are in no way correlated to the sequence in which the order is placed. No specific numbers can be requested.
  • The sets are individually numbered to 100, with 100 only being produced.
  • This product is anticipated to ship by mid-December.
  • Box design is subject to change.