Redemption Process for Cards Previous to 2022

Past Release Redemptions:

Please check FAQ below, then follow instructions on back of card, but using the PO Box 82, Terrey Hills, 2084 address (not Mailguard, like some older cards may have on them). 


Other Redemption FAQ:

We will make every endeavour to honour redemption cards from previous years as long as we have it in inventory. Please click HELP to enquire.
The following cards are not able to be redeemed:
1. Any signatures from 2002 SPX.
2. Glenn Archer - 1997
3. 1999 Premiership Predictor
4. 2001 Premiership Predictor
5. 2001 Craig Bradley Captain Signature
6. 2002 Silver and Gold Predictor
7. 1996 Hyfibre Heroes redemptions
8. 2001 Shane Crawford Captain Signature
10. 2005 AFL Tradition – Master Redemption.
11. 2001 Predictor
12. 2001 Captain Signature David Neitz
13. 2012 Champions Redemption Red Set (as Goodes card is n/a)
14. 2012 Champions Redemption Blue Set (Goodes Card)
15. 2003 Brisbane Premiership Predictor 
For releases up and including Prestige 2022, unless otherwise specified on the back of the redemption card, send your redemption in a registered/tracked envelope and enclose a return self-addressed registered envelope. Please allow 21 days for the redemption of the redemption card(s) that are redeemable. The address to send redemptions is Select Cards, PO Box 82, Terrey Hills, NSW, 2084. Please do not mix outstanding and upcoming redemptions with past redemptions. Else, returning the cards will be delayed. 
For releases up and including Prestige 2022, you will be contacted, and you need to purchase this for us in order us to ship your redemption(s):