2023 AFL GEM Football

  • Release Date 8th August 2023
  • RRP $595.00
  • Master Box contains 3 Mini Boxes
  • Boxes Available  2525 Master boxes
  • Full Checklist PDF
  • Series SOLD OUT

The first ever release of Select AFL GEM Football is due for release/shipment on 8th August 2023. 

This extremely limited and unique series is produced on a 180pt board and with each insert card inlaid with a natural zircon gemstone.

Base GEM Set

The Base Set contains a total of 162 cards (9 cards from each of the 18 AFL clubs) and each card is 3D platinum foil stamped.

The base cards are individually numbered to 90 only.

Sapphire GEM Inserts 

Introducing the Sapphire GEM inserts which feature a Sapphire coloured zircon gemstone inlaid in each card.

There are 72 cards in total with 4 players from each AFL team featured. Among the players featured are Darcy Moore, Kyle Langford, Clayton Oliver Zak Butters.

Each Sapphire GEM insert is numbered to 70 only.

Emerald GEM Inserts 

The Emerald GEM inserts feature a Emerald coloured zircon gemstone inlaid in each card.

There are 36 cards in total with 2 players from each AFL team featured. This series features players such as Charlie Curnow, and Brownlow Medallists Patrick Dangerfield, Ollie Wines and Trent Cotchin.

Each Sapphire GEM insert is numbered to 55 only.

Ruby GEM Inserts 

Featuring the absolute Superstars of the AFL competition, the Ruby GEM inserts feature a Ruby coloured zircon gemstone inlaid in each card.

There are 18 cards in total in the set with 1 player from each AFL team and includes players such as Scott Pendlebury, Dustin Martin, Patrick Cripps and Marcus Bontempelli.

Each Ruby GEM insert is numbered to 40 only.

Diamond GEM Signature Cards

Randomly inserted within the series are 18 Diamond GEM Signature cards featuring some of the best up and coming and established young players in the competition. 

Some of the players included in the Diamond GEM Signature insert series are Sam Walsh, Nick Daicos, Josh Rachele, Connor Rozee and Shai Bolton to name a few.


Only a total of 2525 Master Boxes of the 2023 Select AFL GEM Football series are available across the SCC and the General Sale.  

Each Master Box contains 3 sealed Mini boxes with each Mini box containing 3 cards.


Details No. of Cards Ratio Numbered
Base Set  162 5.75 :1 box 90
Sapphire GEM Series 72 2:1 box 70
Emerald GEM Series 36

3:4 boxes

Ruby GEM Series 18 1:3 boxes 40
Diamond GEM Signature Series  18 1:4 boxes 35