2022 AFL Supremacy Rookies

  • Release Date 7th December 2022
  • RRP $299.95 per box
  • Cards per box 4
  • Boxes per case 10
  • Production 1625 boxes
  • Full Checklist PDF
  • Availability SOLD OUT


The second ever release of AFL Select Supremacy Rookie series will be released to the market in December 2022.  

Every draft pick from the 2021 AFL National Draft is featured in this series.   

There are a total of 65 cards in both a Platinum Blue series numbered to 75 and in the Platinum Green series numbered to only 25.

Each box of the 2022 AFL Select Supremacy Rookie series includes 1 card from the Platinum Green series numbered to only 25 and 3 cards from the Platinum Blue series numbered to 75.

The cards are in keeping with the Supremacy quality with each card produced on a 130pt board and with distinctive Platinum Blue or Platinum Green foil stamping.  

Each card is also encased in a 130pt Card Armour Card Safe.

Only 1625 boxes have been produced. 



Details No. of Cards in set Ratio Numbered
2021 AFL National Draft Rookies - Platinum Green 65 1 card per pack 25
2021 AFL National Draft Rookies - Platinum Blue 65 3 cards per pack 75