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2011 AFL Champions

  • Release Date March 2011
  • RRP $2.99 per pack
  • Cards per pack 7
  • Packs per box 36
  • Box per case 12

2011 Champions is Select's first series of the 2011 AFL season for collectors of all ages.

2011 Champions includes amongst its insert series Silver Parallel, Draft Rookie, Fab Four, Rising Star and the Superstar Mascot Gem series.

2011 Champions also included 8 AFL Star Signatures featuring Kurt Tippett, Eddie Betts, Darren Jolly, James Podsiadly, Brad Sewell, Andrew Swallow, Chris Newman and Mark LeCras each limited to 800 of each. 

Case cards of Kelvin Moore and Brent Harvey not included in stock for newsagents. 


Cards No. of Cards Ratio Numbered
Common Cards 190 unnumbered
Silver Parallel 190 1:1 unnumbered
Fab Four Gold 68 1:6 unnumbered
Draft Rookie 25 1:18 unnumbered
Rising Star Gem 22 1:18 unnumbered
Superstar Mascot Gem 17 1:36 unnumbered
AFL Star Signatures 8 1:144 800
Case Cards 2 1 per case 350