2010 AFL Champions

  • Release Date March 2010
  • RRP $2.99 per pack
  • Cards per pack 8
  • Packs per box 36
  • Box per case 12

2010 Champions is Select's first series of the season for collectors of all ages.

2010 Champions includes amongst its insert series Guernsey Diecut cards (1 per pack), Draft Rookie, Force 5 Signature Gold, Revelation Green Gems and Superstar Mascot Gem.

Included for the first year is the Best of the Best series (12 cards) which features Brown, Judd, Davis, Didak, Pavlich, Ablett, Franklin, Cousins, Riewoldt, Goodes, Akermanis and Johnson.

Case cards of Tyson Edwards, Jason Akermanis and Michael O'Laughlin do not appear in the stock for newsagents.


Cards No. of Cards Ratio Numbered
Common Cards 195 unnumbered
Guernsey Diecut 195 1:1 unnumbered
Force 5 Signature Gold 80 1:6 unnumbered
Revelation Green Gem 32 1:18 unnumbered
Draft Rookie  17 1:36 unnumbered
Superstar Mascot Gem 16 1:36 unnumbered
Best of the Best Diamond 12 1:72 unnumbered
Case Cards 3 1 per case 350