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2005 AFL Tradition

  • Release Date March 2005
  • RRP $3.95 per pack
  • Cards per pack 9
  • Packs per box 36
  • Box per case 12

Tradition was Select's first series release for 2005.

Tradition includes amongst its insert series Footy Faces Diecuts (160 cards), 2004 Mark of the Week (22), Footy Face Idol Diecuts, Medal Winner Diecuts, Draft Pick Signature (18) and AFL/VFL Premiership Commemorative cards.

Also included in the series are 2 Signature Redemptions - Nick Riewoldt and Barry Hall each limited to 100 only.

Tradition also included a Master Redemption card (200 only) which redeem for the Album, Base set, Footy Faces Parallel set, Mark of the Week set, Medal Diecut set, Footy Idols set and the Premiership Commemorative cards. Please note the the Master redemption does not redeem for any of the signature cards.  

The Tradition release was limited to 750 cases / 9000 boxes and is SOLD OUT.

There were no 300 Game case cards released in the 2005 AFL Tradition series.


Cards No. of Cards Ratio Numbered
Base Cards 162 unnumbered
Footy Faces Diecuts 160 1:1 unnumbered
Mark of the Week 2004 22 1:6 unnumbered
Footy Face Idol Diecut 16 1:18 unnumbered
Medal Winner Diecut 5 1:36 unnumbered
Draft Pick Signatures 18 1:36 600
AFL / VFL Premiership Commemorative 4 1:180 unnumbered
Signature Redemptions 2 1:1620 100
Master Redemption  1 1:620 200