2002 AFL Exclusive

  • Release Date March 2002
  • RRP $3.99 per pack?
  • Cards per pack 9
  • Packs per box36
  • Box per case 12

This 2002 Exclusive release features arguably the best group of draft pick cards in one release.

The draft pick Silver signatures (1:36 packs) feature players such as Luke Hodge,  Chris Judd, James Bartel, Nick Dal Santo and Luke Ball.

In addition each box has 1 Box Bonus card that sit on top of the packs in the box.  The cards are numbered BC7 - BC11 and feature Andrew McLeod BC7, Michael Voss BC8, Ben Cousins BC9, Brent Harvey BC10 and Jason Johnson BC11. BC1-BC6 appeared in Select's 2001 Authentic Series.

Also included in the release is the All Australian Team(22 cards / 1:9 packs), Medal Series (5 cards / 1:36 packs) and Premiership Predictors (16 cards / 1:36 packs).

As special release of Tony Lockett's return to football in the '2nd Coming' card which was inserted 1:324 packs.

The series also features four Tribute cards and 1 Legend card. Tribute cards are Royce Hart TC1, Darrel Baldock TC2, Garry Hocking TC3 and Stephen Silvagni TC4 and the Legend card is Kevin Bartlett LC1.  Kevin Barlett also signed his first ever card with the Legend Signature card limited to 250 (1:1296 packs).

The other autograph cards were of the Exclusive Medal Series - 5 players signed 100 cards - Jason Akermanis, Matthew Lloyd, Shaun Hart, Justin Koschitzke and Andrew McLeod. Redemption cards for these autograph cards were inserted 1:648 packs.

Three case cards of the Silver version, limited to 250 each, were released 1 per case. The players featured were Stephen Silvagni (CC5), NAthan Burke (CC6) and Stuart Loewe (CC7).

The 2002 Exclusive release was limited to 833 cases / 9,000 boxes and is SOLD OUT.


Cards No. of Cards Ratio Numbered
Base Cards 220 unnumbered
All Australian Team 22 1:9 unnumbered
Medal cards 5 1:36 unnumbered
Predictor cards 16 1:36 unnumbered
Draft Pick Signature 16 1:36 unnumbered
Box Card 5 1:36 unnumbered
Tribute and Legend cards 5 1:72 unnumbered
Tony Lockett - Second Coming 1 1:324 unnumbered
Medal Signatures 5 1:648 100
Legend Signature 1 1:1296 250
Case Cards 3 1 per case 250