1996 AFL Hall of Fame

  • Release Date August 1996
  • RRP $3.99 ??
  • Cards per pack 9
  • Packs per box 24
  • Box per case 24

2006 Champions is Select's first series of the season and targets collectors of all ages.

2008 Champions includes amongst its insert series Guernsey Diecut cards which appear 1 per pack, Gold Foil Signatures (4 gold foil signatures from each club) Draft Rookie (the top 16 picks in the 2008 AFL Draft, Star Gem (featuring 2 leading players from each club), Superstar Mascot Gem (featuring one superstar from each club) and Double Trouble an acetate card featuring a pairing of two players from 6 clubs who have a huge impact on the game.

*Fitzroy Tribute cards (oversized 88mm x 126mm) was distributed to dealers who purchase a factory set.

1996 AFL Hall of Fame - 13,200 boxes 


Cards No. of Cards Ratio Numbered
Base Set 110 unnumbered
Team of Century 22 1:5 unnumbered
AFL Hall of Fame Legends 12 1:12 unnumbered
Living Legends Signatures 8 1:360 110
Master Redemption 1 1:31680 10