1993 AFL Trading Cards

  • Release Date April 1993
  • RRP $2.99
  • Cards per pack 8
  • Packs per box 50
  • Box per case 20

Select's first ever AFL card series.

Signature cards of Tony Lockett, Stewart Loewe, Jason Dunstall and Stephen Kernahan are unnumbered and limited to 500 of each.

Signature cards are inserted directly in the packs and appear similar to the common cards, however the signature cards are in fact UV coated whereas the common cards are not UV coated.

Instant Win Prize card are randomly inserted into packets and are limited to 250.  The Instant Win Prize card redeems for full set of commons.

1993 AFL Trading Cards - 20,000 boxes produced and SOLD OUT.


Cards No. of Cards Ratio Numbered
Base Set 192 unnumbered
AFL Signature card 4 1:500 unnumbered
Instant Win Prize card  1 1:4000 unnumbered