Group Breaks - Are you Ready to Join the Revolution?

Group Breaks - Are you Ready to Join the Revolution?

Group Breaks are an exciting way of collecting cards which connects collectors across the country.

Here’s a quick short summary:

What is a group break?

A group break is where multiple collectors join and split the cost of the boxes and each get a portion of the cards from the break.

It is a great alternative to buying boxes and be involved at a lower cost to improve your chances of hitting that auto or big case hit.

How does a group breaks work?

All breaks are streamed LIVE and you can be involved in the fun by chatting with the breaker and others collectors. If you missed the live event then a recorded replay will be available.

After the live break, the breaker will sort all the hit cards and send them the next day to the participants.

What is a hit card?

A hit card is any card that is not the standard common card. All hit cards from the break are sent to you.

How do I know what cards I will get?

Most breaks are either “random team” or “pick your team”. With AFL, there are 18 teams, meaning 18 spots in the break. Each spot would be assigned a team. You will get all hit cards sent to you for that team. Sometimes to change things up, with high end AFL releases like Supremacy, it might be a “mojo balls” style hit break.

How can I participate?

A couple things to think about if you are looking at participating in box breaks.

Do your research first. Watch some breaks online either live or recorded on YouTube and see if their style works for you.

Some breakers have been established for several years and have lots of experience and knowledge.

Also, be sure to know what sort of break you’re buying into. The breaks can all be very different, each with their own pros and cons and many at different price points.

I still don’t know what all the fuss is about?

We get it; words alone don’t relay the experience. Here is a past break that shows the excitement it brings to collectors!


Have fun collecting !!


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